Nguyen Tat Thanh Institute of International Education (NIIE) has developed the International Standard Program with 4 majors in the Business Faculty and 4 majors in the Technology Faculty in order to satisfy the growing demand for high quality workforce in this era of global integration.

The advantage of the program is having high academic quality, being closer to the international education programs but still following the regulations from Ministry of Education and Training, teaching in English through experienced lecturers, focusing on essential soft skills and practical training/field trips, as well as providing the opportunity to receive the diploma from our partner schools in other countries through studying abroad or collaborative programs.

With close relationship with other academic organizations and renowned universities in UK, US, Australia, Korea,…, NIIE’s students will have many options to take a international standard education:

  • Studying 4 years to receive the bachelor degree from Nguyen Tat Thanh University
  • or studying the international standard program for  the first 3 years, then transfer to the top up program to receive the degree from our partner schools such as Coventry, University of Arkansas, Meiho University,…